Pinot Meunier

Definition - What does Pinot Meunier mean?

In the context of grape varietals, Pinot Meunier is a species of vitis vinifera and is a red grape varietal. Pinot Meunier is a chimeric mutation of the Pinot Noir grape and is easily recognized in the vineyard by the smallness of the vine and its distinctive white, downy leaves. Pinot Meunier produces lightly colored wines with balanced sugars, pronounced acidity, and aromatic fruity flavors. A hearty vine that does well in cool climates, Pinot Meunier buds later and ripens earlier than other vines, making it less susceptible to disease and rot.

WineFrog explains Pinot Meunier

Understanding the characteristics of the Pinot Meunier red grape varietal, will help you to understand the aroma and taste the flavors in wines made with Pinot Meunier. Although Pinot Meunier is one of the most widely planted of wine grapes, it is rarely listed on wine labels. Famously, Pinot Meunier lends its fruity flavors and bright acidity to Champagne and many other sparkling wines. Due to its growing and ripening cycle Pinot Meunier does well is almost all wine growing regions. In addition to being used in Champage and other sparkling wines, Pinot Meunier is used to produce light-bodied reds and rosé wines, which have pale, pink colors, concentrated jam-like fruit flavors, low tannins and smokey, earthy notes

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