Definition - What does Pouilly-Fuisse mean?

The term Pouilly-Fuissé refers to two aspects of French wine culture, Pouilly-Fuissé the appellation and Pouilly-Fuissé the wine.

Pouilly-Fuissé is an Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée (AOC) that was established in 1936.

Pouilly-Fuissé is also the name for a white wine from the Mâconnais subregion of Burgundy. The only grape permitted in this region for the Pouilly-Fuissé wine is Chardonnay. It is a dry, delicate wine with notes of oak aging.

WineFrog explains Pouilly-Fuisse

Pouilly-Fuissé Appellation

The Mâconnais region, home to Pouilly-Fuissé, is located in the south of Burgundy. The geography and topography of this region are mainly comprised of rolling limestone hills with the Saone River bordering the east side.

The climate can be similar to Rhone with warmer temperatures compared to the rest of Burgundy, with low rainfall and lower chances for damaging frosts.

The maximum yield for Pouilly-Fuissé is 50 hectoliters per hectare and the grapes must mature sufficiently enough for a minimum of 11% potential alcohol.

Pouilly-Fuissé Wine

Pouilly-Fuissé is a light-bodied, dry wine with floral and fruity notes typical of Chardonnay; grapefruit, lemon, peaches. Following fermentation, part of the wine is aged in stainless steel and the other part aged in oak barrels (not new). The essence of oak adds to the wine's complexity with notes like buttered brioche and acacia.

The price of Pouilly-Fuissé can start at around $15 and go up to $50 or more. This dry wine can pair well with smoked fish, quiche, shellfish and roasted chicken.

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