Definition - What does Primeur mean?

Primeur is a way wine consumers can purchase wines while the wine is in the barrel. The payment is typically made 18 months prior to the official release. Sometimes, the early investment is cheaper than once released. It also assists wineries in the investment needed to make the wine.

In English Primeur means "wine futures."

WineFrog explains Primeur

When investing en primeur, the quality of the wine is not guaranteed. Most collectors who buy wine futures only invest with certain producers with a good reputation and consistency for quality wines.

Merchants and trade organizations will sample wine from barrels when they are around 6-8 months old. When sampled, the wines are scored based on its expected potential when bottled. The final wine may differ depending on when they mature.

Wine purchased in this way is placed into a custom-free storage holding, called "in bond."

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