Definition - What does Fresh mean?

In the analysis and tasting of a wine, "fresh" is a term often used to say that a wine is of refreshing character and is a wine with obvious light to fresh acidity, like that of a lemon or of a raspberry. In terms of a wine's body, "fresh" is also sometimes used to describe a light-bodied wine, and fresh can also be used to describe a wine which contains the characteristics of freshly-picked fruit.

WineFrog explains Fresh

In describing a wine, the adjective "fresh" can refer to both the nose (smell) of a wine, the taste and finish.

A fresh, white wine may have characteristics of freshly squeezed citrus juices, crisp apples, green pears, and red wines of spring raspberries and strawberries, etc. These characteristics found in the nose often follow in the taste of the wine and leave a refreshing note on the palate during their finish.

These "fresh" wines are also included in the light-bodied category of wines, as they are straightforward on fruit and light notes rather than aged and more refined savory nuances.

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