Definition - What does Quinta mean?

Quinta is the term for a vineyard estate in Portugal. It is similar to Chateau in Bordeaux.

It is also a system which grades the terroir of quality vineyards from the Douro region, verifying the grapes which are suitable for the making of Port wine. This classification is based on the physical characteristics of a vineyard.

WineFrog explains Quinta

The term Quinta is a recognized term in Portugal for a wine producing estate. It may be a winery or a vineyard. This form of classification is run by the Instituto dos Vihnos do Douro e Porto (IVDP). It shares similarities with the classification of vineyards in the Champagne region of France.

It is a system which was set up so that the vineyards that produce the highest quality grapes receive a high (and fair) price. The Quinta system also establishes restrictions on yields.

Each wine estate is given a numerical rating based on:

  • the age of their vines
  • the altitude where they grow
  • vine density
  • granite content in the soil
  • schist content in the soil
  • the aspect of the vineyard and its gradient
  • microclimate
  • the grape varietals planted
  • vine productivity
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