Definition - What does Fruity mean?

"Fruity" is a descriptor of a wine’s taste and/or smell that resembles fruit or fruits which take precedent over the other characteristics. This term doesn’t necessarily describe sweetness as much as it describes berries or apples but occasionally the fruity taste may be sweet. The fruit flavor emphasis is usually found in New World wines, however, some Old World wines have now been made with a fruity emphasis as well.

WineFrog explains Fruity

There are many ways to make the fruity aspects of the wine stand out, such as picking very ripe grapes, fermentation in colder temperatures and bottling early. Originally, this style of wine was attributed to the United States, New Zealand, Australia, Chile and Argentina even though some Old World wineries are now adapting to also make fruit forward wines.

It is a common assumption that fruity wines are cheap and lack complexity, while they are simple and easy to drink, these characteristics are not always negative. Some types of fruity wine include, reds like Syrah, Malbec and Lumbrusco and whites like Riesling or Pinot Grigio, and they are best served chilled.

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