Definition - What does Riparia mean?

Riparia is a red grape species native to America. It is found from the central north to central northeast parts of the United States and into Quebec and Nova Scotia. The vine is very hearty, lives long and is known for climbing into tall trees. It is resistant to mildew and black rot, making it an interesting rootstock to graft other vines on.

WineFrog explains Riparia

The Latin name for the Riparia grape Vitis riparia. In some places though, it is also called the riverbank grape or frost grape due to its ability to withstand temperatures as low as -71 degrees Fahrenheit.

While it has been a native grape to North America for a many thousands of years, in modern winemaking, it is especially used it as a rootstock. It is also phylloxera resistant. Therefore, in combination with its heartiness and resistance to mildew, it makes for a good candidate to graft on.

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