Definition - What does Gamey mean?

"Gamey" is a characteristic often used to describe a wine in both its aroma and taste.

A gamey wine is one which has the characteristics related to wild animals or meats harvested by hunters. The nose of a gamey wine can be synonymous with meaty, however they are more wild and even native. A wine which is gamey can further be described as having characteristics of venison, baked water fowl, dried jerky, etc.

WineFrog explains Gamey

To describe a wine as gamey is to say that it is reminiscent of meat harvested from a hunter; similar to the subtle differences between the taste of farmed meat vs wild-caught meat, gamey wines have a more rustic and pronounced wild flavor. It is often a term associated with a red wine, from light and medium to full-bodied wines.

These wines will have the aromas, and sometimes, finish of venison or wild boar meat for example. They may emit "sweaty" or "fleshy" aromas. While these can be associated with meaty wines, there is a much more wild character to those with gamey characteristics.

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