Definition - What does Roussanne mean?

Roussanne is a white grape variety originally from the region of the Rhône Valley in France. It is a vine known for late ripening and irregular yields.

In order for the grape to make quality wine, the fruit must be left on the vine until the potential alcohol is 14%, otherwise, it can be too acidic. When the grapes are mature, they are reddish-brown.

WineFrog explains Roussanne

Roussane and Marsanne are the only two white grapes permitted within the Northern Rhône appellations of AOC Crozes-Hermitage, AOC Saint-Joseph and AOC Hermitage.

It is usually used as a blending grape along with another white variety, Marsanne. Because Roussane is susceptible to rot and can suffer in windy climates, many of its vines are slowly being replaced with Marsanne in Rhône. However, new clones with higher wind resistance and better yields are being developed.

Outside of France, the varietal can be found in the wine regions of Liguria and Tuscany, Italy, in Washington State, and the Provence and Languedoc-Roussillon regions in France.

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