Ruby Port

Definition - What does Ruby Port mean?

Ruby Port is a traditional wine made in the Portuguese region of the Douro Valley.

Ruby Port is among the most inexpensive and most widely produced versions of Port wine. Following the addition of certain alcohols to halt fermentation, creating a sweet and fortified libation, the wine is held in stainless steel or concrete tanks where oxidation is prevented to maintain its "ruby" color. This is one Port which does not improve with age.

WineFrog explains Ruby Port

Ruby Port is a style of fortified wine, traditionally made in the Douro Valley of Portugal. Within this valley, Tawny, Colheita, Vintage, Late Bottled Vintage, Rosé and White Ports are also made.

In general, a Port wine is one which is made by the halt of fermentation via the addition of a spirit, such as brandy. This allows for the result of a wine that is higher in alcohol and sweeter in taste and other characteristics.

Ruby Port is the most widely made and cheaper versions of Port in Portugal. However, there are other regions where it is made throughout the world; Australia, South Africa, Argentina and the United States are just a few.

However, to be labeled and sold internationally as Ruby Port, the wine must originate from Portugal. It is protected under EU Designation of Origin laws.

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