Definition - What does Schloss mean?

Schloss is a German word for "Castle." It is often found on German wine labels and is equivalent to how the French use Chateau and the North American term "Estate." This term includes the vineyard, the wine and the estate as a whole. For German wine, this is indicative of a quality Prädikat wine.

WineFrog explains Schloss

German wine labels are notorious for including a lot of information. However, the information is always detailed and with the intention to protect both the consumer and the producer.

If the word "Schloss" is found on a German wine label, this is equivalent to any French wine label which includes a specific Chateau. This means that a single producer made the wine. The wine was made with grapes from the estate's own vineyards and was also harvested, crushed, vinified and bottled at the same estate.

These wines with "Schloss" will fall under the Prädikatswein quality wine classification system of Germany.

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