Schloss Johannisberg

Definition - What does Schloss Johannisberg mean?

Schloss Johannisberg is rated as the most famous vineyard in Germany. It is found in the Rheingau region and is believed to be the home to the oldest Riesling vineyard area. The estate has been making wine for over 900 years and has a claim to have "discovered" late harvest wine.

WineFrog explains Schloss Johannisberg

Schloss Johannisberg is a winery and castle located in the village of Johannisberg in Hesse.

Winemaking on the estate dates back to the Dark Ages. In 1100, Benedictine monks completed the construction of the monastery on the Bischofsberg mountain and identified the vineyard site as the best to grow vines.

Their claim to have discovered late harvest wine comes from a story that states Heinrich von Bibra, the Prince-Bishop and Abbot of Fulda were 14-days late to bring the papers to the cellar master giving him permission to begin harvesting grapes. By the time the message had arrived, the grapes had all been affected with noble rot. However, the grapes were given to the local peasants who were able to make high-quality wine out of what was believed as bad fruit.

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