Seyval Blanc

Definition - What does Seyval Blanc mean?

Seyval Blanc is a French-American hybrid grape variety that was bred by Bertille Seyve and Victor Villard in the mid-20th Century. This green skinned grape is adaptable to cool climates and is widely grown and planted in United States, Canada and England. The wines mainly produced from this grape variety include dry white wines, blended sparkling and ice wines.

WineFrog explains Seyval Blanc

Being a hybrid, Seyval Blanc is not permitted in quality wine production as legislated by the European Union. However, it tends to be a very versatile grape and can be used to make different styles of wine with crisp and fruity characteristics that display notes of green apple, melon and grapefruit. A style quite similar to the likes of Chenin Blanc or Chablis-styled Burgundies.

The wines produced from the grape are not age worthy and thus should be consumed young.

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