Definition - What does Spatburgunder mean?

"Spatburgunder" is German word which translates into "Late Burgundian". It is a German red grape varietal that is also known as Pinot Noir in various other wine regions of the world. It was brought to Germany from Burgundy and is considered one of the most highly regarded red wine grapes in the region, and the wine produced from this grape variety in Germany is called Spatburgunder.

WineFrog explains Spatburgunder

Spatburgunder, or Pinot Noir, is known to be the most common red grape variety grown in Germany for centuries. About 7% of the country's primary regions including Baden, Pfalz, and Ahr are devoted to the production of this grape variety.

The grape offers an elegant red wine that is light, fresh and fruity on the palate with mild to moderate levels of acidity and tannins. These are occasionally labelled as Pinot Noir in Germany, with the wines yielding the best quality earning considerably more expensive price tags.

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