Kosher Wine

Definition - What does Kosher Wine mean?

Kosher is a type of winemaking process that is managed entirely by Sabbath-observant Jews using only kosher ingredients. Kosher winemaking has a well-prescribed and very strict practice. Only wine that is supervised by a rabbi is defined as kosher wine, because of the wine’s importance in Jewish idol god offerings.

WineFrog explains Kosher Wine

Kosher wines are said to express the holiness and uniqueness of the peoples who follow Judaism. Even though these are now manufactured not only in Israel but all over the world, any wine, to be considered kosher, must be free from dough, grain, bread and any other artificial colors and preservatives. Also, the kosher winemaking process is always supervised by a rabbi. This is to preserve Jewish traditions, which have been closely followed since biblical times. Some of the more popular kosher wines are: Freixenet Excelencia, Kosher Brut and Yarden Mount Hermon.

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