Definition - What does Diffuse mean?

The term Diffuse is commonly associated with wines that lack the characteristics that are identified by the taster's sense of taste and smell. In other words, it is an unstructured wine with indistinguishable or indistinct flavors and aromas - these wines are then recommended for diffusing. Mostly observed in red wines such as Bordeaux, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, if exposed to heat or served at a very warm temperature, the flavors can often become diffused.

WineFrog explains Diffuse

When a wine is served at warm temperature, higher than the intended level, it's often observed that the alcohol tends overpower the bouquet, making the subtle flavors blurry and out of focus. That is why, it is always recommended to serve white and sparkling wines chilled. However, red wine is best served at a temperature between 55º to 65º. Serving a wine at an ideal temperature always allows the aromas and flavors to come through distinctly.

In many cases, consumers can diffuse wine by purchasing a wine diffuser or aerator; this contraption is placed on the top of the bottle and introduces oxygen into the wine as it pours into the cup. The introduction of oxygen loosens the molecules, bringing forth the expected flavors. This can also be done by decanting a wine.

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