Definition - What does Thick mean?

Thick is the term used to describe wine that is low in acidity while also being rich, ripe and concentrated. Often times, thick wine is richly pigmented, so it leaves a heavy and full taste in the mouth when consumed. As a result, thick wines are considered to be better wines due to the richness.

WineFrog explains Thick

When we address a wine as thick, it refers to the texture. Thick wines are dense and heavy. Furthermore, they are characterized by their mouth coating density. Often times, full-bodied or thick wines can also be distinguished by their color; darker wines tend to be bolder and high in density, as a large portion of the flavor originates from the grape skin. In addition to the thickness of the skin, other elements that make up a full-bodied wine include: feel, flavor and structure. It is important to note that some of these elements are physiological aspects of the grapes and some of them are produced with winemaking techniques.

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