Definition - What does Well-Balanced mean?

The term well-balanced is an indicator of a good-quality wine. Well balanced wines are usually aged well and are wines where each key component (alcohol, acidity, tannin, sweetness and fruit) are in total balance and harmony. When none of these components tend to contradict each other on the palate, the wine is said to be well-balanced.

WineFrog explains Well-Balanced

Well balanced is often considered one of the most treasured characteristics in a wine by wine enthusiasts as well winemakers all over the world. Unbalanced wines are often considered to be ruined, and wines that are "green" can be described as unbalanced.

A well-balanced wine revolves around how the alcohol, acidity, tannin, sweetness and the fruit complement each other. Well-balanced wines are notably refreshing and enjoyable when drinking, they also tend to age gracefully for longer periods of time to develop the perfect set of aromas and flavors.

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