Hectare (ha)

Definition - What does Hectare (ha) mean?

Hectare (ha) is a french term associated with the International System of Units. It is used as the metric unit of measurement for noting the size of land area. When compared to the unit of measure used in the United States, one Hectare is equal to 2.47 acres of land.

The unit size of vineyards in the french region is measured in Hectares.

WineFrog explains Hectare (ha)

The term hectare is used globally for the measurement of large areas of land. Predominantly coined in France, it is also used to measure plots of land in England and other European countries. Wineries in France use this unit of measure to survey, measure and describe the land area of their vineyards and estate plots.

In the United States, the equivalent unit of measure used is the acre, however, the US acre is much smaller than the European hectare. One hectare contains 2.47 acres of land (10,000 square meters or), and one acre only accounts about 0.4047 of hectare space.

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