Active Ingredient

Definition - What does Active Ingredient mean?

When referring to wine, its active ingredient is alcohol. The quantity of alcohol a wine has is taken into consideration when determining the health effects of wine. It is this active ingredient which governmental health bodies utilize to determine healthy rations of wine consumption (or other alcoholic beverages). Alcohol is regulated in its production, sale and consumption depending on local or federal laws.

WineFrog explains Active Ingredient

The active ingredient of wine, alcohol, has been used dating back to 2200 BC as a medicine. Wine was safer to drink than water, it was utilized to treat wounds, as a digestive aid and used to treat diarrhea, pain during child birth and lethargy. It is this active ingredient that gives wine the world's oldest human-made medicine ever documented.

Small quantities of alcohol (one drink/day for women and 1-2 drinks/day for men) has been associated with reducing the risk of stroke, metabolic syndrome, heart disease, stroke and early death, consuming more than the recommended amount has shown to increase the risk of the above afflictions.

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