Definition - What does Cultivation mean?

The cultivation of wine grapes includes many processes that include the preparation of the chosen land and soil in order to grow grape vines. Steps taken to prepare for the cultivation of grapes includes having to analyze soil types, observe a proper climate and geographical location. The selected location must then be prepared for proper cultivation including the set up of trellis and irrigation systems.

WineFrog explains Cultivation

Cultivation is a general term that includes the preparation of land and its soil to grow crops of any kind.

In the wine industry, the cultivation of wine grapes can be more involved. Viticulturists and winemakers will select a site for a vineyard based on desirable factors such as climate, average precipitation and a unique soil type and structure. All of these factors will determine how the grapes are cultivated from trellis systems to the variety of grapes chosen for the site and whether irrigation systems will also be needed.

Some cultivation of vineyards, however, is often determined and regulated by local wine laws implemented by regulatory offices that oversee production methods and quantity. Overall, the cultivation of grapes begins at site selection, continues to the planting phase and ends at harvest.

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