Definition - What does Glabrous mean?

The term glabrous refers to certain species and types of grapevines which are smooth and do not grow any "hairs" or "fuzz." Shoots, branches and buds are smooth. These grape vines come form the Vitis cordifolia species which include the many grape varieties that are wild and native to North America.

WineFrog explains Glabrous

Some of the species of vines which are native to especially North America fall under the category of "glabrous" vines. These vines are generally wild and will have a thorny base and many have heart-shaped leaves. The varieties of grapes which fall under the glabrous category include:

Vitis Cordifolia.

  • Fox Grape
  • Winter/Frost Grape
  • Chicken Grape
  • Possum Grape
  • Sour Winter Grape

Vitis bicolor.

  • Le Conte
  • Blue Grape
  • Northern Summer Grape
  • Northern Estivalis

These species generally bloom a week before Labrusca vines and later than Vulpina vines.

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