Latent Bud

Definition - What does Latent Bud mean?

A latent bud, also called a dormant bud, is the bud of any plant which remains concealed and dormant until certain conditions allow it to further develop into a shoot. In terms of grapevines, a latent bud or dormant bud refers to those which will sprout into the axillary system for the leaves.

WineFrog explains Latent Bud

The latent buds (also known as dormant buds) which form the system for leaf vegetation will eventually form the canopy of the grapvine. These buds do not open or bloom until the proper conditions in climate and weather occur. In the management of a vineyard, it is important not to allow latent buds to form in the older trunk or cordon section of the vine. These can produce other shoots called "suckers" which can take energy and vital nutrients and minerals away from the main vine.

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