Shoot Thinning

Definition - What does Shoot Thinning mean?

Shoot thinning starts shortly after the canopy starts developing on the grapevine. It is important for viticulturists to thin shoots in order to produce better fruit yields. It also helps with healthy air circulation throughout the vines for the health of the vine and the quality of the fruit to be maintained.

WineFrog explains Shoot Thinning

It is recommended that shoots should be thinned down to three to five shoots per each linear foot of the trellis. This is a practice that is crucial to fruit quality and wine quality.

The benefits of shoot thinning:

  • It allows for better air circulation, allowing for the vine to dry out after rains or from morning dew
  • There is less occurrence of downy mildew or botrytis growth
  • Pests are less likely to have spaces to live, breed and shelter
  • The vines are less likely to become diseased
  • If pesticides are used, the efficacy of the pesticides are increased
  • Quantity of fruit decreases, but the quality of the fruit increases
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