Wettable Powder

Definition - What does Wettable Powder mean?

A wettable powder is a type of chemical that is manufactured and shipped in a powder form and then mixed with a solvent or liquid before being applied to any surface. In the case of grapevines, wettable powders are usually pesticides or herbicides/fungicide that help prevent disease or infection in the plant’s leaves or shoots. In vineyard management, wettable powders contain wetting and dispersing agents, so when combined with water or other liquids in spraying equipment, it can cover large areas and offer uniform protection.

WineFrog explains Wettable Powder

The development of wettable powders came from the need of vineyard operators to move away from sulfur treatments or other chemical pesticides that were harmful to the environment and neighboring urban communities. Wettable powders increase environmental and user safety, provide more uniform protection, are cheaper and more stable over time due to the nature of a dry mixture and provide a highly effective pesticide.

Wettable powders are manufactured chemicals that are shipped and stored dry and mixed only right before application to the vines using liquid spray equipment. They are able to be supplied in bulk and then pre-measured in water-soluble packaging to decrease user exposure to concentrated chemicals.

The packet of powder is simply diluted with water or other liquid in the tank of the spray equipment. The amount of wettable powder added can be diluted heavily for sensitive areas creating a customized treatment plan for any type of grapevine or vineyard size. The water soluble packets that contain wettable powders decrease overdosing or harmful spillage, which can be harmful to the surrounding environments. Using diluted powders also lowers the trace amount of chemicals released into the air due to the heaviness of water and low concentration compared to other liquid pesticides or herbicides.

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