Definition - What does Encepagement mean?

Encépagement is a French term which, directly translates to "grape varieties" in English. As the translation suggests, it is the varieties of grapes found in a particular area or vineyard. The International Code of Nomenclature for Cultivated Plants asserts that grape variety refers to cultivars rather than botanical varieties. The encépagement of a vineyard is required to be documented in order to determine the different types of wine that could be made from that vineyard.

WineFrog explains Encepagement

The grape varieties of the vineyard or wine blend are important because they contribute towards the characteristics of the wine produced. Some grapes are single species grapes whereas some are multi species hybrids and each different type of grape contributes towards a different taste, odor and type of wine. For example, consider the Chateau Lagrange white wine vineyard planted with 3.8 acres each of Sauvignon Gris and Semillon, and the 11.4 acres of Sauvignon Blanc. Each of these grape varieties has a different organoleptic quality as it resembles the taste of the wine produced. Encépagement is important in determining these differences through the grape varieties.

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