Finished Whisky

Definition - What does Finished Whisky mean?

Finished whiskey is the term used to define whiskey that undergoes another maturation after its initial maturation period to acquire a particular finish. In this process, the matured whiskey is transferred from its initial cask or container to another cask. The second cask, where the whiskey is transferred, that is used to finish whiskey is often a cask previously used to age wine, port, sherry or spirits.

WineFrog explains Finished Whisky

The process of creating finished whiskey ranges from 6 months to 2 years. The cask used for finishing process is often a different from the original cask to add a unique taste. Given that the cask is a major contributor of flavor to a whiskey, the smallest change during the finishing period can have an enormous effect on the taste of the whiskey.

Many whiskey makers and whiskey enthusiasts percieve the finishing process as a contributor of new flavors by using varieties of cask. Some popular finned whiskey include: Balvenie Doublewood and Glenmorangie Port Wood.

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