Definition - What does Latitude mean?

In the context of viticulture, latitude is a measurement of the distance of a vineyard's location north and south of the earth's equator and is usually written out as degrees and minutes called coordinates. The location of a vineyard has a direct effect on the climate, which determines fundamental characteristics of the wines produced.

WineFrog explains Latitude

The latitude of a vineyard can tell you many things about the wine the vineyard makes. Vineyards that are closer to the equator, typically have warmer climates with consistent growing season temperatures and produce wines that have lower acid levels and full fruit flavors while vines that are farther from the equator, typically have cooler climates with more temperature fluctuations that produce higher acid wines with tart fruit flavors. On a map, the altitude and longitude of prospective and existing vineyards are plotted out using coordinates, and these bits of information give wine industry professionals essential information on which varietals grow best in the region, what soil types are available and help them plan their growing project.

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