Definition - What does Orientation mean?

Orientation is in reference to how grape vines are positioned regarding their geographical location or vineyard. It specifically pertains to rows of vineyards and the direction in which they are planted to obtain the ideal amount of sunlight during the day. The orientation of vines is detrimental to how fruit matures and ripens.

WineFrog explains Orientation

For optimum sunlight exposure for vines, it is best when they are oriented north to south, so that the canopy is exposed evenly from the east to west sides. This is the general rule, however, the orientation of a vineyard can often depend on the qualities and characteristics that a winemaker wishes to obtain from the fruit for the wine. Orientation can change due to geographic challenges and/or the size and shape of the available land and what varietals will be planted. It is also sometimes designed according to how efficiently the vineyard can be harvested.

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