Definition - What does Ethanol mean?

Ethanol, or ethyl alcohol, is an organic compound that is found in all alcoholic drinks. Fermentation is the process that creates the alcoholic content in wine, and it is triggered when yeast reacts to fermentation and creates ethanol from the sugars present in the grapes. So, ethanol is the foundation of alcohol and an integral part of the wine making process.

WineFrog explains Ethanol

Ethanol is the only non-poisounous form of alcohol, the others being extremely toxic to humans. Given that ethanol's chemical composition is high in toxins, which your liver breaks down, it is important to consume wine in moderation. Some studies have shown that ethanol reduces stress and acts as a relaxant. Also, white wines are lower in ethanol in comparison to red wines.

The alcohol content of wine is determined by the sugar concentration of the grapes used in winemaking and the ethanol produced from fermenting the grapes. During the winemaking process, the sugar in grapes is fermented into alcohol by yeast. Grapes mostly contain water and sugar, but some natural flavoring is also present. After the fermentation process, the chemical composition of ethanol arises. Wine can contain up to 16% of alcohol, but the average is around 12.5% to 14.5%.

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