Definition - What does Ausbruchewein mean?

Ausbruchwein is one of the wines that fall under the Prädikatswein category in Austria. The harvest falls in between the Beerenauslese and Trockenbeerenauslese harvests. The minimum must (grape juice) weight (sugar level) required is 27 degrees.

The wines from an Ausbruch harvest are considered noble sweet wines, and are only made from grapes which are infected with botrytis cinerea, or noble rot.

WineFrog explains Ausbruchewein

Ausbruchwein is a traditional wine made in the region of Rust in Austria. It was given an official category under the Austrian Prädikatswein system in 1970 and since has been made in other regions of the country.

Ausbruch is the designated name for wines made with grapes affected by noble rot. The must is mixed with other grapes with less sugar concentration from Spätlese and Beerenauslese harvests. This process allows the sugar crystals to break up, making for a faster and more efficient fermentation. This is the same process for making Tokaji, called the Aszú method.

Grapes cultivated for Ausbruch wines are Furmint, a Hungarian grape used for Tokaji wines, Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc, Welschriesling and Traminer.

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