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Westfhofener is a wine-making village in the region of Rheinhessen. The history of winemaking here dates back to the Romans. They are noted for making dry (Trocken) style wines with Riesling and the locally produced Pinot Noir called Spätburgunder. The vineyards of this village cover 1888 acres and herein lie many of Germany's Grand Cru vineyards.

WineFrog explains Westfhofener

In Westhofener, you can find four VDP (Verband Deutscher Prädikats- und Qualitätsweinguter) Grosse Lagen classified sites. They are:

  • Aulerde
  • Kirchspiel
  • Morstein
  • Brunnenhäuschen

In each region they mainly grow Riesling and Spätburgunder, but they also experiment with Kerner and Silvaner. The wines here are notably unique thanks to the special soils consisting of marl, chalk, gravel and pebbles. Because of this composition, the dry wines take on earthy characteristics.

Some producers from Westhofener are:

  • Wittman
  • Westhofen Winery
  • Weedenborn
  • Seehof
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