Definition - What does Blaufrankisch mean?

Blaufränkisch is the name for a dark-skinned variety of grape used to make red wine. It is found in Austria, Czech Republic, Germany and Slovakia. Blau translates as "blue" in German, because of the grape's blue color and fränkisch comes from Franconia, as it was believed to have come from the region in Germany.

WineFrog explains Blaufrankisch

The Blaufränkisch varietal is known for its dark-skin similar to blueberries and used to make full-bodied, red wines with intense tannin structures. It is also known to have a "spicy" character.

While it is traditionally grown in Austria, Germany, Slovakia and Czech, it has also been found in Hungary where itis used to make the famous wine Egri Bikavér.

The grape's origin is from Lower Styria, which is today Slovenian Styria. It is a cross from the parent grapes of Gouais blanc and Blaue Zimmettraube.

It thrives best in warmer regions as it buds early, making it susceptible to any early frost. It is also prone to mildew. Despite these challenges, it produces high yields.

Today, the grape is also grown in Washington State, where it is called Lemberger. It is also cultivated in Adelaide (Australia), Canada, the Finger Lakes region in New York, Idaho and California.

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