The Grenache Association

Definition - What does The Grenache Association mean?

The Grenache Association is a non-profit organization from Séguret, France. It is open to anyone around the globe who are lovers of fine wine, especially Grenache. The association is used as a showcase for Grenache-based wines that are ranked as the best in the world. Another function of the organization is to examine both challenges and opportunities regarding the Grenache grape.

WineFrog explains The Grenache Association

The Grenache Association began in June of 2010. The organization is made up of wine professionals and people who make wines with the Grenache grape. The association organizes tasting events each year to judge the world's top Grenache-based wines.

They also began International Grenache Day five years ago. It is celebrated on the third Friday of September and encourages wine lovers to host events to share Grenache vintages and spread the word about one of the world's oldest cultivated grape.

If an individual has an interest in Grenache wine and supporting the association, they can find information on the website and become a member or ambassador.

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