Definition - What does Cafayate mean?

Cafayate is a wine growing region in Northwest Argentina. It is located at the central zone of Calchaqui valley in the Salta Lake, Argentina at an altitude of 5,522 feet above sea level. Following Mendoza, Cafayate is the second most prominent wine region in Argentina. Cafayate province is mainly famous for the quality and originality of the Torrontés and Malbec grown here.

WineFrog explains Cafayate

Cafayate is similar to the Mendoza region in its topography. Despite its location near the equator, Cafayate province’s high altitude makes it conducive for viticulture. It is in fact one of the highest places in the world that is suitable for growing vines.

The wine produced in the region benefits from the low humidity and mild weather of the Calchaqui valley, which receives the average of less than 250 mm of perspiration annually. The torrontés in the region are an Argentine variety grape that is used in white wine, while the Malbec grown in Cafayate is used to produce red wine.

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