Definition - What does Viticulture mean?

Viticulture is the field of study pertaining to the cultivation of grapes. The science of viticulture includes both the study of wine grapes and how they grow. In addition, viticulture is the study of the series of events which occur year-round in a vineyard starting from the budding of the vine to harvest, to the preparation of the vineyard for dormant months. Viticulture is used to describe two versions of the same field - the making of wine and the study of winemaking, this term refers to the latter.

WineFrog explains Viticulture

In the wine industry, viticulture is the field pertaining to any aspect related to the vineyard. It is the study of the grape vine itself, varieties of grapes, grape growth and development and the study of the climate and geology where grapes survive and thrive in best.

The study of viticulture encompasses the processes which occur in the vineyard, including the budding of the vine, fruit set, varaison, canopy management, field studies in fruit development and balance, harvest and readying the vineyard for the winter months. Viticulture is a branch of science relating to horticulture.

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