Sandy Soil

Definition - What does Sandy Soil mean?

There are quite a few types of soils in which grape vines are grown, sandy soil is one of those types. It mainly consists of rock particles such as limestone, shale, granite and quartz. Sandy Soil has a low percentage of organic material and it hardly stores any moisture. This type of soil is known to produce elegant wines that are high on aromatics but low on color and tannin.

WineFrog explains Sandy Soil

Sandy Soils are mostly observed in warm climate regions that are mostly close to sea. The upside to this type of soil is that it retains more heat and less moisture, which removes the possibility of disease but can cause vine dehydration in some cases. The large particles found in Sandy-Soil also help the roots to grow and spread more easily. The regions known for producing wines in Sandy-Soil include Swartland, South Africa, Northern M├ędoc and Graves in Bordeaux. The Cabernet Sauvignon and Zinfandel's produced in these regions are usually lighter in taste and high on aroma.

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