Definition - What does Negroamaro mean?

Negroamaro wine originates from southern Italy in the region of Puglia. As a single varietal wine, it is dark in color and has nuance often described as "rustic". When used as a blending grape, it has the ability to add inky color and tannin to other wines which lack these characteristics.

WineFrog explains Negroamaro

Negroamaro is the name of a wine and grape from the "heel" of Italy (Puglia) in the sub-regions of Apulia and Salento.

The wines are known for having an earthy bitterness with aromas of warm spices like cinnamon, nutmeg and clove. It can also be fruit forward with notes of red fruits and blackberries.

Negroamaro is a wine with DOC status. Some well-known producers are:

  • Leverano Negroamaro Rosato
  • Leverano Negroamaro Rosso
  • Lizzano Negroamaro Rosato
  • Lizzano Negroamaro Rosso Superiore
  • Alezio Riserva
  • Nardo' Rosato
  • Salice Salentino
  • Salice Salentino Rosso Riserva

The price of a Negroamaro wine is very affordable and start at $10.

Pair Negroamaro wines with lamb, spaghetti and meatballs, hamburgers or for vegetarians try a cheesy pasta sauce with some aged cheeses like Pecorino and Gouda or try Greek vegetarian fare like baba ganoush.

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