Definition - What does Schiava mean?

Schiava is a red wine grape varietal that was originally cultivated in the South Tyrol and Trentino wine regions, but is widely planted in both German and Italian wine regions. It is also known as Trollinger and Vernatsch. Schiava produces wines that are light-bodied with sweet, smoky, berry aromas and flavors.

WineFrog explains Schiava

Grown in the higher elevations and cooler climates of Germany and Itlay, Schiava produces wines that are entirely unique in a light-bodied red wine. Schiava wines have moderate alcohol, and can be dry on the palate despite the sweet-tasting flavors in the wine. The sweetness of Schiava is often likened to bubble-gum or cotton candy along with the fruity floral flavors of berry and potpourri.

This grape varietal is considered a cool-climate varietal and falls within the cool-climate viticulture designation.

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