Garnacha Rose

Definition - What does Garnacha Rose mean?

In the context of wine styles, Garnacha Rosé, is a rose wine produced from the red grape varietal Grenache. The Grenache grape is one of the most widely planted of the red grape varietals in the world and has flavor profiles of spice, pepper and red fruit. The grape is known to oxidize easily, which results in the wine losing a ruby red color that makes Grenache very suitable for producing rose wines.

WineFrog explains Garnacha Rose

Grenache Rosé is a low tannin, low acid, fruity rosé wine. With flavors of spice and red fruit combined with the full body, Grenache Rose is lively and dynamic on the palate. Grenache Rose is made with the red grape varietal Grenache; the color of the wine comes from the color in the skins of the grapes, which in Grenache are very thin and contain low levels of tannins and pigments that are very light.

In order to maximize the color of the grapes, they are pressed aggressively and fermented with the stems to extract the most color and phenols from the skins to balance with the rich, red fruit flavors of the grape.

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