Six Cane Kniffin

Definition - What does Six Cane Kniffin mean?

The Six Cane Kniffin System is a type of trellis system used mainly in vineyards with young vines.

They train six canes on three wires. This allows for the growth of the vine to spread out over a larger surface. It also helps growers select the fruiting canes and is also easier to manage compared to other systems.

WineFrog explains Six Cane Kniffin

Each vine training trellis system has its specific purpose and is selected for use according to what varieties are selected for cultivation and the local climate.

The main purpose of any trellis system is to allow for just the right amount of sun exposure to the developing fruit and for proper air flow. The latter helps to keep the vine healthy and can help prevent rot and mold in the case of high humidity and precipitation.

The purpose of the Six Cane Kniffin system is to allow for younger, developing vines to grow and stretch out over a large area. It helps to later train the vine and give it space for when it is mature and helps in the prevention of disease. It also helps to speed up the ripening process.

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