High Cordon Trellis

Definition - What does High Cordon Trellis mean?

The high cordon trellis is a system for training vines to grow overhead with a top wire height anywhere from 66 to 72 inches from the ground. It is considered the most efficient form of high-growth training, however, it is mainly used for varieties of grapes that grow downwards. The use of this system is often determined by the type of varieties grown and the regional climate.

This high cordon trellis system is sometimes also called top-wire cordon.

WineFrog explains High Cordon Trellis

The high cordon trellis allows vines to grow higher compared to those on vertical shoot positioned (VSP) trellises. In some wine regions, it is used to manage the canopy and shade bunches of grapes from the sun during hotter periods. This is a common trellis used especially in regions of high altitude where the sun is more intense, like the areas of Mendoza and Salta, Argentina. It is also thought by many winemakers that it makes sweeter grapes. With proper vine management, it also has the advantage of creating better air circulation around the fruit, which in turn, can ward of molds and rot.

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