Kosher Brut

Definition - What does Kosher Brut mean?

Kosher Brut is a sparkling wine released by the wine company Freixenet. It is a dry, cava-style wine made via méthode champenoise. The must of the wine is obtained by first press and fermented into a still wine. It is then aged in bottles during its secondary fermentation for 15 months. The kosher label adheres to all Jewish dietary standards and certified by a rabbi.

WineFrog explains Kosher Brut

Kosher Brut is made under the supervision of Sabbath-observant Jews during each process of its making. The particular Kosher Brut made by Freixenet is made from a fourth-generation wine house. They take pride in making this wine in the traditional manner as Champagne is crafted.

It is made from a 100% Macabeo. The color of the wine is pale yellow with greenish hues. Aromas are reminiscent of green apples and pears with white flower petals. The acidity is crisp on the palate and the finish is mouthwatering and smooth.

Pair this wine with seafood, shellfish and ceviche. It can also be served as an aperitif.

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