Definition - What does Schonburger mean?

The Schonburger grape originates from Germany and is a crossing of Pirovano 1 and Pinot Noir. It was first grown in 1979 and was used to make light wines with floral aromas and a small amount of residual sweetness.

It was created as a disease-resistant and cold-hardy variety. The result was a light red (almost pink), thick-skinned grape with low acidity.

WineFrog explains Schonburger

While the Schonburger grape originated in Germany, today it is more widely cultivated in England. There, they use it to make sparkling and still wines. The sparkling wines made with the grape are done via methode traditionnelle.

It is still grown in Germany in the Rheinhessen region to make light wines with an off-dry style. It is also grown in western Oregon, Washington state, Canada and Tasmania. From these regions, the wine has more body, is supple and is vinified more into a white wine than a light red.

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