Definition - What does Bobal mean?

Bobal is a grape variety from Vitis vinifera family, used in winemaking. The dark, blueish fruit is originally from the region of Utiel-Requena in Valencia, Spain and it is the third most planted variety of the country. It creates wine of a soft, dark color, and is mainly used to make bulk wine, but it's starting to get more attention for quality wine.

WineFrog explains Bobal

The Bobal grape vine is highly productive and like most grape species of Vitis vinifera, it behaves as a long-trailing vine, making it challenging to work in the summer.

It is easy to adapt in any formation on any trellis, but it performs better as low bushes. Bobal can adapt to most climates and is even resistant to diseases and extreme weather, making it a desirable grape for many producers.

The juice is high in tannin content, color and acidity, which makes it a perfect blending grape for wines lacking in these characteristics.

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