Gouais Blanc

Definition - What does Gouais Blanc mean?

The Gouais Blanc grape is historically very important to grape viticulture, as it is attributed to the genetic makeup of current, well-known grape varieties. It was grown extensively throughout the Medieval time period but is now rarely planted. These grapes have low sugar levels and low alcohol levels due to their high acid content, creating wines that express a light, fresh structure with hints of apple.

WineFrog explains Gouais Blanc

The Gouais Blanc vine is a parent to grape varieties like Chardonnay and Riesling as well as less commonly found wines like Aligote and Gamay. In the middle ages it was grown alongside Pinot Noir and is similarly related to many European grape hybrids. The Gouais Blanc grapes are also used in the blending process with low acidic still wines, with distilled fortified wines and blended with delicate sparkling wines, as it does not diminish the wine’s structure while adding a bolder taste and/or fuller body. The Gouais Blanc vines that are grown today can be found in Switzerland, Slovenia and Australia with a dual purpose of historical preservation and wine making.

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