Definition - What does Gambellara mean?

Gambellara is a white wine made from the Garganega grape from the region of Veneto, Italy. The traditional wine is a dry style but it is also made in a recioto style making a sweet wine, locally called Recioto di Gambellara. Gambellara is also the name of the town where the wine is made.

WineFrog explains Gambellara

There are officially six styles of wine made from the Garganega grape to make Gambellara wine.

  1. Traditional Gambellara-- dry with pale yellow hues and perfumes of elderflower and flavor of almonds, light-bodied and best with seafood and light soups and freshwater fish. Locally it is served with a baked goat casserole.
  2. "Classic" Gambellara-- made from 100% Garganega grapes and medium-bodied with bright acidity. It can be served with heartier foods like risotto, eggs and asparagus.
  3. Spumante-- made with Chardonnay, Durella and White Pinot, ranging from dry to sweet and traditionally served as an aperitif.
  4. Gambellara Vin Santo-- made from grapes left to dry and harvested the following spring. The wine is a deep amber color with notes of dried fruits, served with paté, foie gras and ripened cheeses.
  5. Recioto di Gambellara DOCG-- made from hand-selected grapes harvested early September and dried on racks until February. It is sweet and aged in oak, resulting in a fruity wine with vanilla and raisin notes; traditionally served with fresh goat cheese and almond biscuits.
  6. Recioto di Gambellara Spumate-- made from dried grapes left for harvest until the end of the year. It is sweet and served with desserts and sweet yeast dough.
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