Onomasia Proelefsis Anoteras Poiotitos

Definition - What does Onomasia Proelefsis Anoteras Poiotitos mean?

As in France, Spain, Italy and other winemaking countries in Europe, Greece also has its own wine regulatory system. The highest ranking of wines in their appellation system is Onomasia Proelefsis Anoteras Poiotitos (OPAP). These are wines which come from an Appellation of Origin of Superior Quality. It is equivalent to DOCG status wines.

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Greece is known as one of the oldest wine-making regions in the world. Their wine culture dates back to over 6,500 years ago. However, it was not until the early 1970s that appellation laws were created.

The wine hierarchy in Greece goes as follows (from the highest quality to the lowest):

  • Onomasia Proelefsis Anoteras Poiotitos (OPAP) - Wine that comes from a designated Appellation of Origin of Superior Quality
  • Onomasia Proelefsis Eleghomeni (OPE) - wine from a Controlled Appellation of Origin
  • Topikos Oinos - This is equivalent to Vin de pays.
  • Epitrapezios Oinos - This is equivalent to Vin de table. There are three categories that fall under this ranking:
    • 1. Regular table wine found in screw-topped wine bottles.
    • 2. Cava and other wines labeled as "reserve" blends with a minimum aging of 2 years for white wines and 3 years for red.
    • 3. Retsina, a traditional wine which is flavored with pine resin.
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