Quality Wine Scheme

Definition - What does Quality Wine Scheme mean?

The Quality Wine Scheme refers to a system set up by the European Union in which geographical and traditional indications of wine are protected under a designation of origin (PDO). It is based on the legal framework provided by regulations of the EU which ensures quality and the labeling of wines which originate from their specified region.

WineFrog explains Quality Wine Scheme

The Quality Wine Scheme of EU laws and restrictions is a means of quality control, ensuring not only a wine's authenticity based on its label, it also is a means to assist producers in receiving fair prices for their wines, promote local agricultural activity and ensure the quality is transferred to the consumers.

It should be noted that this system is not only in place for wines of the European Union, but also for foods such as regional and DO protected cheeses and other foods; i.e. Parmesan-Reggiano, Jamon Iberico, etc.

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