White Zinfandel

Definition - What does White Zinfandel mean?

In the context of wine styles, white zinfandel is a blush wine known for its pink hue and its bold flavors. It is made from the red zinfandel grape variety. White or rose zinfandel was first made in 1869 in California at the El Pinal Winery and has been very popular ever since. White Zinfandel is known for its lively and refreshing flavors with pronounced flavors of cherry and strawberry.

WineFrog explains White Zinfandel

White zinfandel is a blush or rose wine with a refreshing palate of summer fruit flavors. This wine style is made by a method of allowing some of the color of the red zinfandel grape skins to color the wine after the grapes are pressed, without imparting the high tannins or bold, spicy flavors of the variety to the wine.

While the wine has been made since the 1800’s, an accidental stuck fermentation during the 1970’s (where the yeast die out before all the sugar is converted to alcohol and carbon dioxide) created a sweet pink wine, and this is how most white zinfandels are made and enjoyed today.

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